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 If I would have known I was going to have an epiphany, I would have dressed for it.


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Kaye (a.k.a. Kate or Katie) Kessler was born with a passion and intrigue for the science of Economics. To the chagrin of her father, it was Keynesian economics and not home economics that became the focal point of her life.

She was accepted to the Honors Program at UW-Milwaukee in 1981, and worked at a group home for emotionally disturbed teenagers while pursuing her Bachelors of Science in Economic Theory. Receiving an academic scholarship in her senior year allowed her to shift things into high gear with an offering of admission into several high ranking MBA programs nationwide. In a financial crunch, she enrolled at UW-Milwaukee’s MBA program while working full-time as an administrator for Transitional Living Services.

Prior to forming Investment Concepts, Inc. in March of 1996, Katie had several pivotal positions functioning as President of a small investment and securities firm located in Brookfield. She also worked with First Wisconsin (now U.S. Bank), developing and marketing Elan Investment Services, the financial planning and investment distribution arm of the nationwide banking conglomerate.

She now serves over 1200 clients around the world as a Registered Representative and Investment Advisor while overseeing 4 Registered Representatives as an OSJ in Wisconsin and Michigan.

Katie Kessler is a Financial Planner with Investment Concepts, Inc., A Registered Investment Advisor not affiliated with SagePoint Financial, Inc., and also offers Securities as a Registered Representative of SagePoint Financial, A registered Broker-Dealer. Member FINRA/SIPC.

Katie has numerous interests including traveling, reading, working out, and has a sore spot for pretty shoes. She also has come to the conclusion that she has two left feet and is better off as a sport spectator.

She also has a memory like a steel trap and has a large heart for all of her clients. Her career as a life-planner in the financial area has shown her concern for people, relationships, and genuine care to help those around her.

Katie and Jeff Straw, Financial Coordinator at Investment Concepts, Inc., were married in April 2014.

Contact Katie Kessler

Investment Concepts, Inc.
Central Office
231 East Buffalo Street, 4th Floor
Milwaukee, WI 53202




(414) 273-4280


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